Visa – What is it and what is it for?

 Visa - What is it and what is it for?


Visa is now the world’s largest payment system, having been born in 1976 in the United States of America. Until the early 1970s, all payment transactions were done on paper, which meant that settlement could take weeks to complete. All this changed when VisaNet was created, which computerized these processes. Already in the 1980s, Visa created the first international network of ATMs. Visa is thus a global payment technology company that connects consumers, financial institutions, businesses and governments in more than 200 countries and / or territories to reliable, secure and expeditious electronic payments.

How to make a Visa credit card?

How to make a Visa credit card?

Visa Europe (which is the Visa subsidiary in Europe) provides technology and systems to make transactions with this network as fast and secure as possible. However, Visa itself does not issue cards since they can only be issued by banks and other payment service providers who are associated with Visa Europe.

In this way, consumers who wish to make a Visa card have to consult the cards of each of the banks and / or financial institutions that are associated with this payment network and choose what they think best suits their needs. compare all the offer of the market through the platform of ComparaJá.pt.

Ask for Visa credit card over the Internet: is it possible?

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Acquiring a Visa card is easy, there are even several products without any annuity or costs of use that can be easily requested via the Internet. To make a Visa credit card online, you simply use the free comparison service that allows you to quickly and freely find the Visa network product best suited to the profile and needs of each consumer.

Once you have identified the offer that you find most attractive through the results tables generated by our platform, the user will only have to click on “Continue” and after completing the requested data by the institution issuing the Visa card, in a few clicks You have been able to request your Visa card through the Internet, with total convenience and without any additional cost.

It should be noted that, in order to request a Visa through the Internet, it is mandatory to comply with the admission criteria defined by financial institutions, and for this the consumer must prove to them that meets all the conditions required when applying for membership online to the card of Visa credit.

What are the advantages of applying for a Visa card?

What are the advantages of applying for a Visa card?


Wherever the consumer is, he can pay with a Visa card – this is a network that has no borders around the World, given that there are more than 1 million ATMs and Visa is accepted in more of 20 million establishments. Consequently, one of the major advantages of purchasing a Visa credit card is the ease with which payments are made in other countries, making any trip safer and more comfortable for the consumer, so that he does not need to carry large sums of money in the Wallet.

Another benefit of Visa cards is that refunds can be distributed over time, and the consumer can pay monthly payments as he sees fit and is more comfortable with his financial situation.

For those who like to travel, we must also highlight the Visa travel app , which is the best way to manage the money when you are on vacation and that allows you to find ATMs outside the country, ask for assistance in case of loss or theft of the card and check currency conversion rates (this application has a currency converter, which works offline, so that the consumer can see how much certain goods and services cost in the currency of your country).

Can I earn points on the Visa card?

Can I earn points on the Visa card?


Several Visa credit cards have point programs that allow, after accumulation of a certain number, their exchange for products or services – from hotels to wellness area. By varying these benefits according to the specific programs of each card issuing institution, the consumer can freely access the most varied experiences through the accumulation of points in the Visa card, which are allocated according to the expenses incurred with the same.

Can I also earn miles on the Visa card?

Can I also earn miles on the Visa card?


Earning miles on the Visa credit card for every euro spent is also possible because many of the issuing institutions also have airline miles programs associated with their Visa network offerings. The miles accumulated on Visa credit cards can be exchanged not only for free travel, but also for upgrades to airline tickets or access to airport lounges or VIP areas, for example.

Especially for those who like to travel, it is important to mention that the Visa credit card is international. By facilitating payment for products or services with total security worldwide, Visa network cards, sometimes also referred to as Visa cards, are one of the most convenient and convenient means of payment in any country you wish to visit.

How to pay with Visa credit cards?

 With Visa cards you can:

  • Online payments: purchasing products and / or services on the Internet, in e-commerce , with Visa is safe;
  • Payments with card: in several establishments it is possible to pay with a Visa card;
  • Payments with mobile phone: mobile payments can be made through contactless technology (for cards that have it), simply by placing your mobile phone next to a terminal that accepts contactless payments, wait for confirmation and the payment will be made effective;
  • Payments abroad: You can use the Visa card to make payments out of the country of origin, safely and conveniently.

How to consult the Visa card statement?

 In order to access the invoice of the Visa card, ie to check the statement with the balance of the Visa credit card and its movements, you can access the homebanking service of the institution issuing the Visa network card.

On the other hand, either through the online help desk or via telephone, you can always obtain detailed information from the bank about the movements, balance and conditions of the Visa card.

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